Tuesday, April 19, 2011

20,000 View / 420 Giveaway!


This post will be the one that hits our 20,000th page view on the blog.  And given the circumstances, and the holiday tomorrow, we figured it's time to give away some gear!

Over the next 5 days we will do a number of posts giving people the opportunity to get their name in the drawing, to be one of the first to receive our newest tee for FREE!  Here's a picture. ***The tee will be white***

Not only that, they will also be receiving the S4F snapback hat that will be released this summer.  

So here's how to enter, on any post from now until 11:59 PM saturday, either comment on the post with your name, or like the link posted on facebook.

For the tweeters out there, there will be a posts throughout the week, and to be entered into the contest all you need to do is retweet!

If you have a question just post it as a comment below, if not enter the contest and get a chance to win some free gear!

Get Sealed and Stay Fresh,