Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Can we get your opinion? Get Sealed tee mess up.

Recently we received the box filled with the new "Get Sealed" joint tee.

Upon pulling out the first tee, my brother quickly realized something was a bit off.

As you may have seen from the pictures we posted of the virtual sample, the color of the cannabis on the front was bright green, and the rest of the images were black and white.

The shirts however, sported a yellowish brown colored herb that just lacked the luster that we had hoped for.

Our printer has offered us either a free reprint, or we can keep the shirts and get a refund.  So our question for you is, what would you do?

Would you sell the shirts as is, in order to put out the next items sooner? (Tank Top/ Snapbacks)

Here are some pictures to help you along.

(Printed shirt, notice the color)

The Top left color was supposed to be top right.  Same for the bottom

Virtual Sample

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