Saturday, July 30, 2011

Ep.3 Screenshots + Grown Folk - Droptop *video!

Whatup Everyone!

Hope everyone's summer has been as good as mine! Working my ass off but having an unreal time as you can see from Sumer Swag Episode 2 seen a couple posts back on the blog!

Episode 3 is in the works right now! It will feature skateboarding from the Tbay boys shredding the skatepark at the marina, and some other shenanagins! Check out some screenshots from below!

Next thing I'd like to post up is a crazy new track put out by the duo of Brendan Neal and Drew Kim. These boys connected up in Montreal where they go to school and were immediately intrigued and immersed into the strong electro/house scene that MTL has to offer. Not only is this track a pure banger, but this video is on a new level as well. The video was made by another one of their buddies who does video graphic design and loves to work with retro footage. I bet this track will turn some heads in the house scene, so keep an eye out for more bangers by GROWN FOLK!

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