Thursday, July 7, 2011

Interview #5: Hip Hop Artist "Sahtyre"

What up people,

Recently I was lucky enough to get to ask Sahtyre a few questions about himself and his music.  

This is what we came up with, check out the interview and go cop his new album "The Buddha."

Alex: First off give us a little run down about yourself:
Sahtyre:  Watup.  I’m Saht.  I’m from L.A.  & I am the Buddha.
A: Was there anything that inspired you to get into hip-hop?  Who are some of the people you look up to in music?
S:    I was definitely inspired by the fact that I knew it would make my parents mad.  Now they’re proud, kinda.  I look up to the greats that never held anything back.  jimi, cobain.. john frusciante.  redman, eminem, jigga for the hustle.  outkast is from another universe im convinced.
A: The MC Showcase brought you a lot of well-deserved attention; do you have any thoughts on your performance as well as one of the Showcase favorites D-Pryde?

S:  It was really an accidental thing.  My bro DFD called me out or whatever and i was hella busy w/ last minute shit for the mixtape plus i had jus broken my wrist saving a baby from a runaway train.  I wrote the verse real quick, we shot it, and it came out pretty raw.  D-Pryde did his thang so did everybody else.
A:  Your new album The Buddha has been released to your loyal twitter supporters, but what do people who haven’t heard the record have to look forward too?
S:  Steez.  It’s me on a whole ‘nother level than ever before.  Attaining enlightenment meant that I finally learned how to let go and exist in this world as I am.  “The Buddha” is the culmination of that.  I’d say it’s not about lookin forward to anything so much as it’s about opening your eyes to make sure you don’t miss what’s already happened.

A: My personal favorite song off The Buddha is “Enlightenment,” do you have a favorite off the disc?
S:  I don’t have a particular favorite because i look at the body of work as one singular whole.  Each song depends on all the others in order to serve it’s purpose.  Whenever i listen to it i listen front to back with no interruptions and i never skip a track.  You should listen however you like though.
A: Even further, what would you say is your favorite song you’ve ever recorded?
S:  Probably “High” off the mixtape.  It was my first time recordin to a beat i made myself so it was a new experience.  I’m all about that.
A: Is there any type of message you try to get across in your music, or an overall theme?
S:  No, not really.  I just express whatever I feel or think and encourage you to do the same.  I guess that’s kinda a theme in itself but yea.  Take what you will from my art.  Or don’t take anything, the choice is yours.  Free will is amazing.  Not Free Willy, but that movies great too.  Free will though.
A: What are some of your goals? Anything you are really trying to accomplish in particular?
S:  I’ve already achieved everything I’ve ever wanted.  I’m just waiting for my human perception of the space/time continuum to catch up enough to realize that we’re already in the future.  I’m on a yacht with like 30 wives feedin me fresh fruit n cashews n shit.  All i care about is making great music and advancing my spirituality as a celestial being.  Fun is the key.  Happiness is a by-product of my reality.
A: What do we, your fans, have to look forward to beyond The Buddha, and next plans?
S:  Luckily ya’ll have the liberty of focusing on one thing at a time.  For now it’s “The Buddha”.  I’ll worry about everything else.  I promise I got ya’ll.  You can trust me.
A: Here is my cliché question, where do you see yourself and your music 5 years from now?
S:  I’ll have a couple grammy nominations in categories that’ll be won by Eminem and J Biebs, I’ll have a big ass house with a pet chimp named banana and the girl I love will still be putting up with me which’ll be a helluva lot easier when i can just throw a stack of money at her to shut up.  Won’t shit change but my drawls and the scenery.  Everything changes but nothing ever does.
A: Anything else you want to get out?
S:  I love my fans.  We in this together ya’ll.  We doin this.  Peace.
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