Friday, October 21, 2011

S4F x Zephyr Snapbacks Are DONE!

Ladies and Gents,

We are stokeddddd at announce that our new Winter Line Snapbacks are completed!

They'll be arriving in the next week or so in Vermont, and will be making their way to the great north of Canada and down the Coast from there.

We will begin taking pre-orders from people that want to buy them directly from us, so you can reserve one to have as soon as they come in.

The Hats will be selling for $30.

Also we will be selling them from Me. Boutique (formerly "Steez") and also The Bern Gallery next to the Flynn Theatre in Burlington.

Check out the hats, order one, and don't forget to be on the lookout for our release of our Winter '11 Hoodie design as well as some new news and a new Contest!

We appreciate all the support,

S4F Team

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