Friday, November 18, 2011

Cudder is BACK!

Hello All,

CuDi Announced today via twitter that he was be releasing his newest Hip Hop album early next year.
The Official release date, January 30th, will mark his 28th birthday, and he pays homage to this with a grown up album.

A drug free Scott Mescudi will be releasing a profanity free album, which has been met with some resistance by fans.  Cudi's response was simple,

“Haha man some of yall really upset theres no profanity??” tweeted Cudi. “You know songs can be written with out them right?”

The album is still Untitled but will come from the newly named duo between him and producer Dot Da Genius, called W Z R D.

We'll have a track list up when it comes out, so stoked to see some new stuff, Cudi has been off his grind.

Enjoy that start of your thanksgiving breaks!


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