Tuesday, February 28, 2012

KiD CuDi: WZRD Released Today!

Today KiD CuDi released his 3rd feature album.  WZRD, the newest installment, clearly shows the new direction of Scott's music.  Since MOTM II's release, there has been a distinct change in the attitude of Cudder.

He has quit smoking marijuana, focusing more time on his family, as well as changing is musical direction. His music has always been its own genre, but with this newest album, he clearly has left his pervious genre.

The new sound is a much heavier, guitar based instrumental, brought to you by producer Dot Da Genius.

I personally think this album is hard to listen to, and won't be adding a single song to my "classic CuDi" list.

Here is one song I do like from the album:

I still support CuDi a lot and I hope he still has some of the old sound in him, if not, i'll be grateful for the first two albums.

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