Thursday, March 1, 2012

New Contest!!! Check out how to win FREE gear!

With the coming release of our new Hoodies we wanted catch people's attention, and what better way to do that than do give away some free stuff, right?

What we want to see is where has our gear ended up?

SO... The details to enter:

-You must post a photo of either yourself wearing the item, or just of the item itself

-The photo must be either tweeted @S4Fapparel or Tagged  with the "Sealed4Freshness Apparel Facebook group

-You must also be a fan of the Facebook group which can be accessed here!

~From the people who post a photo we will draw a name every couple months and that name will win a free item!

~This is a running contest so you don't need to re-enter each time, but you may upload a new photo once a week to have you name added more times!

If there are any questions at all just post a comment here on the blog, or post a comment on the fan page!

Show us where you are rocking S4F or where you see people wearing it!

Help put us on the map!


*we appreciate all support given by clicking the ads of our sponsors

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