Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tuesday's Tunes: Spring Means New Music!

It's been a while since we have posted up some music, but with spring in the air, it seems time to start up again.

We have a new music project underway, and details are forthcoming, but in the meantime I thought I would post some new and old stuff in preparation for new albums and mixtapes coming this spring.

First, the homie SonReal.

We have been supporting the Vancouver based rapper for about a year and a half now, and more and more people are starting to catch on.  His skills have progressed,  as well as the overall production of all his material, whether it is his recordings or videos, they are coming out really sharp.

My favorite song/video of his is from a year ago, but it still rips:

Next we have to include an update on the newest Mac Miller.  I really enjoy his music still, but the overall vibe surrounding him now suffers.  To much animosity from fans.  Regardless I like his sound, and will be going to his concert here at UNCC on April 16th.

**Be sure to scroll through our blog and check older posts for ticket information if you are in the Charlotte area.***

Here is a new song off of Mac's new project "Macadelic"

Last but not least, is a new artist on the S4F page.  He was brought to my attention by his manager, who happens to be my cousin Jesse.  Give the song a full listen and if you don't think the kid has bars, you are mistaken.   The man's name is Sammy Flow, take a minute to check him out:

As always we encourage you to support the artists by following them on twitter, and you can find all of their twitter links here below, in the order their songs were listed:

SonReal: @therealSonReal  Mac Miller: @MacMiller  Sammy Flow: @Sammy_Flow Jesse Natale (Sammy_Flow Manager): @Jnator


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