Friday, June 8, 2012

BURLINGTON RESIDENTS: Introducing The Sidewalk Shack

Hey Guys,

I've been excited to post about this for a while now and it looks like its about time.

My brother Chris has recently been in the midst of starting up a new food hotspot for Burlington residents.

He's been working in the food industry for a few years and has decided to start something fresh.

The Sidewalk Shack is a business venture focused on one thing, GREAT food. With limited overhead, and the ability to be mobile, my brother hopes to bring top notch breakfast, lunch and dinner options, with plenty of bang for their buck.

It will specialize in making restaurant quality sandwiches, burgers, salads, and much more, while maintaining a quick and customer friendly environment.

Chris is hoping to be up and running by July, and I'll continue to have postings on locations and start up dates.

For more information or to take a peek at a more in-depth menu go LIKE his Facebook fan page.

The page can be accessed here: The Sidewalk Shack

Support local and keep checking in for more exciting updates.


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