Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thursdays Style Run Through: Volume 1

Hey there kiddies,
Got another weekly wonder for ya!  Every Thursday I'll be given the rundown of what the hot styles are whether it is celebs, athletes, or just stuff from around the world that we aren't accustomed to seeing.  For the first one, I had to do some justice to my boy Drake after yesterdays post.  The man has style as we can see here...

After each pic I'm going to try to give the scoop on what he's actually wearing, although it may not be complete because it is very hard to try to find some of the brands of the the sweatshirt in this pic.

However, we do have everything else...
Shoes: Custom Jordan Retro V(dont by a guy named C. Williams in Toronto) Side note- The shoes say "ATF" on the side, standing for All Things Fresh.  
Watch: Drake rocks a lot of Jacob & Co. and this appears to be from the Napoleon Tourbillon Collection.
Jeans: I believe (but could be wrong) that they are LRG, because he recently did an ad for them.  Correct me if you know for sure!
Vest: The vest is a Black, Canada Goose Alberta Vest, which I believe is what brings it all together.

So there it is, this week's style Low-Down.  


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