Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Alright Everyone,

After a few years of sitting on the idea, 6 months of work, exactly one month of blog posts, and as of last night over 2,500 views on the blog and over 2,000 more on the website, we are ready to take orders on our first tee.

On that note, we at S4F would like to say thanks for the support thus far.  In the future we are going to keep looking to expand, drawing in more interest, while maintaining the fans we have.

Now, the business.  Over at you can make your pre-order for the map logo tee!  The shirt will be ready around next wednesday, and there is a limited quantity so order soon!

IMPORTANT! As you can see this part is important: For people who know they will be able to pick up a shirt either on the UNCC or UBC campus (Vancouver), or in the burlington area, please send me an email at  This is to help save people money that don't need to have shirts shipped.  In the email please include FULL NAME, SHIRT SIZE, and WHAT AREA YOU ARE IN.  If you are outside these areas you can order off the online shop with a 5 dollar shipping charge. Feel free to email me with any questions.

We appreciate you checking us out and hope you get your pre-orders done! So go Getcha Some!


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