Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tuesdays Tunes

Whats Up Kids,

Here's some tunes for you.

This first one from Macklemore, I've been listening and spreading this song for about a year and people from all over are starting to listen...
This one is for Weezy...

Macklemore-Otherside (Ryan Lewis Remix) by

This next one has a story behind it as well, which I will be going into detail about in a few days.  I met the producer of this song at a recent party I threw, he works with Dow Jones a lot and has worked with 9th wonder as well. Produced by FeyTality...

Dow Jones Tweeters Radio Ready by Dow Jones 313

Here's a little Sammmyyyy Adammssss....

Hold On Sam Adams by Fab4music

Enjoy the tunes... We are always open for suggestions for songs, post something on our facebook page!


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