Sunday, October 17, 2010


Yo Viewers,

Max here with my first post to the blog. I guess I should first talk about how I'm affiliated with s4f. I went to high school with Herko and became good friends with him especially in the end of my glory years. Herko hopped on board with picking up snowboarding again so I definitely spent the most time with him up in the mountains of vt doing whatever the hell we wanted. Like Herko, I've always wanted to create some of my own shirts, I even did the whole iron-on tee when I was younger, and also supplied my high school dodge ball team, team 'Rocket Power' with some uniforms! Needless to say, when Herko said he was really ready to go forward with a clothing company I didn't hesitate to join him! The work I will be doing for s4f is a lot of the designs/logos and other digital artwork as well as general sales etc.

I went through high school in Vermont with Herko, but now I'm out in Vancouver getting eduacated at the University of British Columbia. I couldn't be more stoked on the location and everyone I've met so far. I'd like to introduce my friend Taylor from Toronto. We both met in our first week here and have been hanging everyday since. Taylor's always down to longboard, mix electro, explore the crazy campus, or snap some amazing photos. Starting next Sunday, I'm going to be collaborating with Herko on the Sunday Night Snapshots and posting some pictures from my friend Taylor. These photos might showcase what my friends and I have been up to in BC, or just some dope photos Taylor's taken in the past.

I'm stoked to show you all more of Taylors work and hopefully soon some of his mixes!

Have a good one,


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