Friday, October 15, 2010

Word Play of the Day: Volume 14

Hello again Kiddies,

Back from a short break are those absurd words you've heard...

Basically, this whole song is a word play, but here are some snippets...

"Revis take me shoppin when im up in New York 
Hit the shoe store go & cop a few more 
You at the mall getting dinner at the food court 
I'm at LA eatin 22 course "

"I make em so mad, they got no swag
Pimpins on my feet they the throw backs
Look, my moneys good but these hoes bad
So they stay attached to my gonads uh
Wakin up to a few L's
Open up my closet to that new shoe smell"

Artist: Mac Miller
Song: Nikes on my Feet

Here is the track cause it deserves a listen, cause if you haven't heard mac miller you don't know what you're missin'.

04 Nikes On My Feet by JTylerDixon

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