Monday, November 15, 2010

First S4F exclusive interview! Featuring: FeyTality

Whats up everybody,

I sat down with music producer FeyTality recently to ask a few questions.  He is an up and coming producer who has a strong hold on the Charlotte/ North Carolina area, and has begun to see some national recognition, here's what we talked about...

Herk: Thanks Feytality for sitting down with us…

H: Just give us a little something about yourself:

FeyTality: I'm half Turkish and half Pakistani. I've been producing different types music for almost 4 years now. I'm grew up in Raleigh, North Carolina, and based in Charlotte at the moment. I listen to everything from rap to rock, to techno, to pop, to the blues and everything in between.

H: Here’s a tough one, Define Feytality Productions:

F: Well its my production company that has been gradually growing in the past couple years, and the beats that I make are really diverse, I like to fuse different genres to make a really different global sound while keeping a dope hip-hop vibe. I really strive to achieve a global sound. I'm actually currently working on an EP that will feature a bunch of different artists that I will be releasing. I can't give up too much info about it right now, not even the name of it, but so far I've been working with Fatt Juice from here in NC, and Illicit Will in Los Angeles, among some others.

H: How young were you when you knew you had a true passion for music:

F: My parents tell me stories about how I was into music when I was a baby, but when I really made an attachment to music was when I first heard Nirvana's Unplugged album. I don't know what it was but I would just dissect it. It actually influenced me to learn how to play guitar. But yea, I work a lot with hip—hop music but I was in a rock band playing the guitar at one point. I also played saxophone. I guess I've just been into music since I was younger, my parents really pushed me into it, and my dad has more than a thousand CDs, records, and tapes. I probably get my interest in music from him.

H: Who are your musical influences?:

F:Well I would say the main people that have influenced me in music have been: my dad, Nirvana, B Logik, Dr. Dre, Eminem. My dad really exposed me to a large variety of different types of music, and B Logik actually was the one that got me into producing hip-hop. As far as Dr. Dre and Eminem, between the two of them they have just been my favorite artists/producers that I listen to. Their music really motivated me to learn how to get better.

H: Was there a certain experience that really made it click:

F: Probably when I was in my band and we played the first song we were ever working on flawlessly, which was Weezer's “Undone (The Sweater Song)”, and I thought that was the dopest thing. It was just a really good feeling. After that moment I've really had a passion for creating music and thats when it really clicked,  you know?

H: How did you find out that you wanted to produce as opposed to playing an instrument or doing vocals:
F: Well I can't even lie, I can't sing. At all. But I after the band I was in kinda fizzled out, really got into production because I didn't have to rely on anybody else, and it helped me develop a hip-hop and more electronic sound.

H: What have been your most memorable experience so far, any good stories:

F: I can't really decide which was more memorable, performing for the the first time or hearing one of my songs on the radio("Tweeters" listen below). Either way both were really memorable and huge points in my career.

H: Have any advice for young producers who are trying to get into the game:

F: Getting your music to the right type of artists is so key. Finding artists who are actually on their grind and trying to make moves is crucial. Even if that means looking outside your market to find artists who are looking to BUY production. And if you build a solid client base, especially if you have them in different areas, then your name expands that much more, and it'll open more doors. But you have to grind to find the right artists to work with.

H: You get one chance to work with any artist in the world, who would you choose to work with and help you go global:

F: I would have to say Eminem. He's as global in the rap game that you can get.
"FeyTality with 9th Wonder"

H: On that note, where do you see yourself/want to be in 5 years:

F: Man, I just want to do what I love to do and make it my career. I'm making some positive steps into being where I REALLY want to be, and am working on expanding my client base.

H: Any thing else you want to get out there:

F: You can follow me on twitter @FeytalityBeats and I can direct you to my music. I do have a myspace which is

Alright everybody, if you've got twitter follow that shit, if not keep checkin the blog, we'll have the release of the FeyTality mixtape in the future!

Thanks again for reading, and a big thanks to FeyTality for sitting down with us!


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