Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tuesdays Tunes

Ello Kids,

Well, as we've noticed, you guys enjoy this segment of the blog, and so do we.

This week many of you know Lil Wayne gets out of jail, and a week from today CuDi's album comes out.

I put together a list of songs that seem to fit the idea of these two artists, I am sure you will sense the theme...

Like I said last time we are open to suggestions for the songs, we got one so far, who else has a song they love?

First is Scott Mescudi...

Kid Cudi-Marijuana by liljahzy

Next... Free Weezy...

Lil Wayne - La-La (Carter 3 mixtape) by fastlaine

A little Mac Miller...(Sorry for the you tube clip here, this song wasn't on sound cloud)

Remember, reserve a size, there are only about 5-6 XL's left!

Stay Sealed,


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