Monday, January 3, 2011

Interview #2: Matt Cohen from

Hey everybody,

Recently got a chance to talk to Matt Cohen from, a website devoted to gettin gto the roots of all things urban.  With an interview resume of Big Sean, Mac Miller, Yelawolf and many more, the kid is doing it big, and he's still in high school.

Alex:  Give us a description of
Matt: Online show dedicated to create unique things.  
A: When did you start the size, and what inspired you with the idea?
M: Well I started making video on youtube as a joke then is evolved.  After a few months I registered the domain. 
A: Who was your favorite person to interview and why?
M:  I never think of the interviews as actual interviews, I just consider it recorded conversations.  I think I enjoyed my conversation with Fat Joe the most.  He was down to earth, raw and did not hold back so I appreciated that one.

A: Any good stories you can share with us?
M: All of the stories are documented on my site

Check it out
A: What can we look forward to with the site, any big interviews coming up?

M: We are going to be expanding the site a lot.  For example last month we launched “Studio Sessions”  where were bringing artists and bands to our studio in NJ and having them do performances.

A: The common, where do you see yourself/the site in 5 years?
M: I really have no idea man.  When the site started 3 years ago I had absolutely no idea anything like this would have happened, so we will see.
A: Any lasts thoughts, things you want to get out there?
M:  Thanks for having me man.  I have to go run and finish an assignment for school.  Peace.

Expect big things out of Matt, cause the kid is going big.  If you haven't been to the site its a real shame because its really on point.  Thanks again to Matt for the interview, keep doing your thing.  

If you people need that link for a third time click THIS!


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