Friday, January 7, 2011

Interview #3: Vancouver Musician SonReal

What's Up people,

Recently I got a chance to chat with SonReal, a hip-hop artist based out of Canada.  This guy was brought to my attention by Max Bailey and I'm glad it was.

The guy has a great view towards his songs, and breaks the lyrical monotony that many rappers contribute too.

Big thanks to SonReal of the interview, checkout what he had to say...

Alex: Thanks for sitting down with us to do this, give us a description of yourself.

SonReal:  I am SonReal. Rapper. Singer. Songwriter. Engineer. Extraordinaire.

A Better answer can be found here...

A: When did you start making music, and what inspired you to do so?

SR:  I was always a skate rat. Always hangin' at the skatepark day in day out. I always looked up to all the other skaters and they had this rap group called "Loot Bag". They were on some Wu Tang shit except a little more sadistic lol. One night they were taking me and my dude L-train to a party and playing their shit in the truck... I just was so blown away that it was actually them rapping that shit. From that day on I wanted to rap. 

A: What’s it like being a white Canadian rapper, do you feel like it puts you at a

SR:  Nah man, if anything its an advantage. Especially if your nice. I don't feel threatened or like I gotta be harder or whatever b/c I'm white. I just do what I do and people from all demographics seem to be respecting it. 

A: I personally love “Who Am I?” The song, beat, video are all on point, What’s your
favorite song you’ve put out so far?

SR: I got this new joint on "Wheres Waldo" called Showtime. My dude Lokeynote produced it... it's actually the intro. Im really into that shit. I like the single we pushing "Already There" and I really like "Whirl Pool" and "Mr Nothing" off The Lightyear Mixtape we put out last July. 

A: Any good stories you could share with us from your career so far?

SR: One time me and Byron (my manager) were in halifax working with Classified and we went to a Tim Hortons that had no tomato, didnt take debut, didnt take master card, and had no whole weat bread.

A: What do we have to look forward to in the musical world of SonReal.

SR: Wheres Waldo. Hosted By Peter Parker. Comes out Feb 2011. My best work yet.... we got a lot of crazy joints up on there. 

A: Where do you see yourself in five years?

SR: at the top. I think theres a place for SonReal right up there with all the big boys ;)

A: Anything else you would like to get out there?

SR: GOODLIFE! all day... shouts to Biz, Dane, Ferg, Nugg, Coco, Munny.... everybody out in Vancouver. 

The guy is very down to earth, and for me is a refreshing turn from some of the self entitled rappers in the game right now.

Download his "The Lightyear" mixtape for free HERE!  Seriously, DO it.

And look out for the our post when he drops his new mixtape "Where's Waldo?" in Febuary!

To all my  viewers,  SonReal has been featured multiple times, so look to catch some of his music on there,  and check back here for an interview with creator Nick Guarino.


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