Monday, February 14, 2011

Grammys RunDown + Music Vid Monday

Where to start,

As many know the Grammys were on last night, and they are always wild to watch.

I'm a huge music advocate so I was tuned in from start to finish, but many people may have missed it.

Here is a rundown of my favorite moments of the awards...

NO LOVE FOR GAGA HERE! She came in an egg, and had a creepy skin suit on, I dont want to post pictures cause it was creepy.

First... BEIBER, USHER, and Will Smiths son...

It's time for Usher to stop singing, whenever he tries to sing live it makes me nauseous.  This whole performance was hard to watch, and I hate to say it, but Beiber was the only one with any talent at all...BUT how can a dude this famous have a suit that fits so badly?

Next up on the run down, was by far, the funniest, greatest thing I have ever watched.  I laughed and sang to this whole performance by Cee-Lo of the song "Fuck You." Check out his get-up, that is fresh:

I still dont know if it could top the actual video, which is Music Video Mondays winner:

As usual, Rihanna came up next to steal the show... Performing twice, and blowing everyone away.
First she teamed up with Eminem to perform "Love the way you Lie."  Had I been wearing socks, she would have knocked them off, but the coolest of all was her dress that was made to look like it was on fire! Check it out!

I wasn't going to include this video for Monday's video, but after seeing its been watching 300 MILLION times, It deserves a spot...

Last up on this review is the TOTAL SNUBBBBB of of Eminem and Drake for album of the year, which was won by Arcade Fire...

Luckily it DOESNT MATTER... Drake is the luckiest dude in the world, as you can see in this next vid... Him and rihanna performed their hit "what's my name" and Drake became the first artist to get a boner at the grammy's...

All I can say, is that Drake can KILL it.

That was a lot of info right there, but I hope you enjoyed it.

Have a good VDAY all!


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