Thursday, March 17, 2011

Interview #4: Music Producer M.Stacks

Hey Everybody,

First off, big thanks to M. Stacks for sitting down with me for an interview!

I'm not going to write to much extra stuff, because he gives a great summary with the first question, but he's much known for his producing work, and has been seen DJing for Wiz Khalifa and many others.

Check out the interview and some of his produced songs below!

Alex: Thanks for giving us some of your time man; so first off give us a rundown of yourself.

M. Stacks: I’m M. Stacks. I’m originally from Shaker Heights, Ohio, but I represent for Cleveland. I am one half of The Wrongguys w/ my guy Skean Diggz. I’m also a producer for some of hip-hop’s biggest stars, such as; Bun-B, Mac Miller, Naledge, Chip Tha Ripper, Curren$y...etc.

A: How old were you when you first starting working with music, did you see yourself being a Producer/DJ when you first started out?

M: I was 13 yrs old when I first started working with music. I started off rapping, and that eventually led to me gaining an interest for production, and I guess deejaying came along with the territory.

A: Was there someone who inspired you to get into music? Is there anyone now that you look up to still?

M: As a kid, I looked up to The Alchemist, Just Blaze, and Heatmakers. And to be honest I still look up to those guys. If I ever get a chance to meet one of ‘em I might soil myself. Their music practically raised me.

A: You’ve worked with countless big names in hip hop, is there anyone that has stood out to you from your time working with them?

M: My guy Naledge from Kidz In The Hall stood out to me just for the simple fact that he was one of the first celebrities to give me a shot when I was a virtual nobody.

A: Here is one of my favorite questions… You get ready to listen to some music just for person time, what’s the first song you choose to press play?

M: Nujabes- “Counting Stars”

A: After all the collabs you’ve had, and concerts you’ve worked, give us one of your favorite memories from your experiences so far.

M: Probably one of my most memerable experiences was with Bizarre from D-12 in Cleveland. We went so hard during the concert, and everyone was going crazy, then Bizarre takes his shirt off like he normally does, and he turns arouNd to tell me to spin the next record and he just stops with a shocked look on his face because I already had my shirt off. So here you have two shirtless fat guys on stage rocking out to “Fight Music” by D-12 lol.

A: What do we have to expect from you in the near future? Any big projects you are working on that you can let us in on?

M: Expect new music from my group The Wrongguys. We’re working on a mixtape now that is going to be released mid to late spring, and it features some of your favorite rappers, and is hosted by a couple of your favorite dj’s.

A: Going with a common question, where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

M: In five years I see myself on a national Wrongguys tour, and on our 3rd album.

A: Anything else you want to get out? Last thoughts?

M: Follow me on twitter @Mstacks....follow The Wrongguys @TheWrongguys, and log on to MSTACKSMUSIC.COM!

Check out some songs he's produced:

Thanks again M. Stacks!  

Become a fan on his FB page: HERE

Check him on twitter @Mstacks


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