Saturday, March 12, 2011

Mac Miller's: Best Day Ever (Free Download)

Whats up K.I.D.S,

The day Mac Miller fans have been waiting on for months has come and gone...

The self proclaimed Fralbum (Free Album)  "Best Day Ever" has dropped, and has had about as much success as everyone expect...a lot.

Over a quarter million views and 50,000 downloads off and thats in the first 12 hours.

Here's my take...

It was very good, but there were spots lacking.  A lack of production by Big Jerm left me questioning the beats more than anything.

The second half is definitely better, but I think the best two songs are the ones the released early. ("She Said", and "Donal Trump")

Other songs to check: Wake Up, and I'll Be There

Download the mixtape here...

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