Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thursdays Style Run Through: Volume 2 (KiD CuDi Edition)

Whatup Everybody,

Here's the style lowdown, focused on KiD CuDi and what he wore for a magazine photo shoot.
It is a simple look he always goes for, although he has jazzed it up lately which I will talk about tomorrow.  Check it out..

Hat: Polo Knit
Shirt: A.P.C. x Supreme Collection Thermal
Jeans: A.P.C. (get used to these, its the only brand he wears)
Pin: I <3 NY
Shoes: Vans Canvas (my only knock just because he usually rocks Jordans)

Hat: Cleveland Authentic New Era 59fifty
Jacket: Custom Nike Sportswear Hoodie
Jeans: A.P.C
Shoes: Vans Canvas

Glasses: Retro Future Super Sunglasses
Shirt: Ralph Lauren (Couldn't find the exact shirt anywhere, if you do send me a link)
Jeans: (still) A.P.C.
Shoes: Vans Canvas

Extra Notes:
He is rocking a Louis Vuitton belt, and a Custom Gold Plated Ursus Babe watch.

A.P.C. : This is a France based apparel company...they specialize in more skinny/slim jeans because that is the big Euro Flava... Heres a link if you would like to check it out.

Check back in an hour or so for another Cudi exclusive.


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