Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Drake x J. Cole

I have started to pay more attention to J. Cole since I booked the tickets for the concert.
This was after I read the article Complex Magazine put out of their interview with Drizzy:

This attitude has been why I have always like Drake, I mean he is a goofy bastard and doesn't really fit in, but he has the drive to get to the top like nobody else.

BUT, to the point of J. Cole... I think he may be getting a little hard headed, and he's young in the game.

Here was his response to those statements by Drake comparing him to Nas,

"You can’t call things like that, that early. You can’t say I’m Nas because, look, Nas was in the game for 16 years. What if I’m not here next year? What if you’re not here next year? I don’t think you can say stuff like that this early, but I understand what people are saying. At his status right now, he’s the most talked-about guy in the game. The Nas comparison is like, ‘He gets a little bit beyond the surface,’ but I feel like when it comes to those comparisons, it’s way to early. And you never know, 10 years from now, I could be Jay.”

Drake is also fresh to the fame, but where I come from when you are complemented, you say thank you, you DO NOT turn around and throw a quick jab at the person who said it.  
I may have read to much into it, but you don't trash the hottest man in the game.

More on Drake momentarily.


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