Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Word Play of the Day: Volume 13 (with a little something extra)

In response to my last post about J. Cole and Drizzy, there is something I have to say that I respect about both of them.

It's there drive to reach the top, the lack of complacency that they show even though they are already cashing in hard.

It's that type of effort that people need to put in, in order to make gains in anything they do.

Our culture is one that has defined what is attainable to going for your dreams just doesn't happen.

Everyone should aim as high as they fucking want, instead of just coasting through life.

I Know J. Cole isn't in this but it still captures his mentality.

So there is the song, with a cool video to go along with it.

Here's the set:

"So if you want the money
If you gotta make
If you the only one nd don t nobody else believe it
Then tell em to beat it
And watch you achieve it
Sing it if you want"

That verse was by: Trey Songz

So to anyone reading this, DONT EVER settle for average.


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