Sunday, October 3, 2010

Looking to the Future...

Ello Kiddies,

This coming week may turn out to be an eventful one.  

Monday will mark the production of the sample of the first tee we will sell.
Here's a small amount of info on the shirt, it will be made on a California Blue Tee,  with a yellow logo,
which will be the fabric equivalent of this design...

So thats that....

Besides that, 
We will be working on putting of the first Di-Cut Stickers.  so look out for that.
Those will be made with this logo,

Lastly, we are going to begin setting up the shopping cart on the website, and a facebook group to prepare for the first shirt to come out.  

You'll see posts happening as these things start happening so stayed tuned, especially for the new tee pics.


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  1. I get a free shirt for being a fucking boss